SIBF 2024 26-30 June, 2024 l COEX Halls C&D1


Limited Edition 〈Punctuation〉

Limited Edition is the book fair’s original content where the fair requests authors to write a book with the fair’s topic as the keyword.
2021 SIBF Limited Edition's keyword is "긋닛 Punctuation". 11 poems, 10 novels and essays, one play, and 16 photos gathered to create a story.

Participating Artists 

 Kim Hye-soon (Poet) 

 Kim In-suk (Novelist) 

 Lee Jang-wook (Poet) 

 Kim Yeon-su (Novelist)

 Shin Hae-wook (Poet) 

 Lee Ki-ho (Novelist)

 Kim Haeng-suk (Poet)

 Cheon Un-yeong (Novelist)

 Jin Eun-young (Poet) 

 Bae Myeong-hoon (Novelist)

 Yu Hui-gyeong (Poet) 

 Choe Jeong-hwa (Novelist)

 Lee Jenny (Poet) 

 Jeong Ji-hyang (Novelist)

 Kim Hyun (Poet) 

 Lee-Kil Bora (Writer, Film Maker)

 Seo Yun-hu (Poet)

 Nam Koong-ihn (Emergency Room Doctor)

 Hwang In-chan (Poet)

 Sohn Won-pyung (Writer, Film Maker)

 Baek Eun-seon (Poet) 

 Kim Do-young (Playwriter)

 Jeong melmel (Photographer) 

 Choi Yo-han (Photographer)

 Kwon Do-yeon (Photographer)

 Jeon Myeong-eun (Photographer)

Newly-published Books 〈Sweets but Sours〉

The first experience is intense. So it's not easily forgotten.
I hope that the moment I met the books presented in 〈Sweets but Sours〉 will be an unforgettable experience. In 2021, the Seoul International Book Fair prepared 10 books in time for the opening of the book exhibition. The books that first met readers through 〈Sweets but Sours〉 were loved by many people.

Readers who loved these books, such as Kim Cho-yeop's "If We Can't Go at the Speed of Light," Jung Woo-sung's "If You Can See What I Saw," Jang Kang-myung's "Super Power" and Son Mi-na's "The Way I Go Is a Flower Road" may fall in love with other authors's new works this year's 〈Sweets but Sours〉.

The Seoul International Book Fair does not come alone. Writers of 〈Sweets but Sours〉 visit the book fair and meet with readers. Let's talk about the new book and the daily life ruined by COVID-19 and the story for our healing. I hope you will meet an unforgettable and intense moment on your way to meet 〈Sweets but Sours〉.

Re-covered Books 〈Oldies but Newies〉

What do you remember books as? Memory is an incomplete composition of many parts of a book, such as a story, weight, color, illustration, paper, typography, or barring. The pieces are mixed up again, and even if you read the same book, each person has a different experience. When you meet a book, the first cover you meet is an unforgettable piece. The Seoul International Book Fair shakes readers' memories through 〈Oldies but Newies〉. A book that comes out differently from its cover gives a new experience to readers who have already read it, and it goes beyond the distance of time to new readers and approaches them in a different sense.

We introduce books like long-loved steady sellers, all-time high-profile bestsellers, and hidden gems that readers didn't even know about through new designs, materials, and different production processes. 〈Oldies but Newies〉 is an opportunity to considerate how relationship with books and memories of books change due to changed components.

Now, here and again, meet this book.