SIBF 2025 18-22 June, 2025 l COEX Halls A & B1


Limited Edition 〈비인간, 인간을 넘어 인간으로 NONHUMAN〉

This book contains musings by 15 of our favorite writers on the theme of the Seoul International Book Fair 2023, "비인간, 인간을 넘어 인간으로 NONHUMAN". The collection features short stories filled with novelty, original essays that share honest thoughts, and pieces that blur the boundary between fiction and nonfiction.

Visitors to the Seoul International Book Fair 2023 will have the opportunity to encounter these special stories that have taken on a nonhuman form—specifically, the physical form of a book.

※ While supplies last, Limited Edition will be given out at the art shop on a first-come, first-served basis to anyone who presents receipts for at least KRW 50,000 worth of books purchased at the fair.

Participating Writers

◾ Kim Keum-hee (Novelist)

◾ Kim Mella (Novelist)

◾ Kim Hwa-jin (Novelist)

◾ Park Hye-jin (Critic)

◾ Baek Eun-sun (Poet)

◾ Seo Yun-hoo (Poet)

◾ Seo Hyo-in (Poet)

◾ Sung Dong-hyuk (Poet)

◾ Yang Anda (Poet)

◾ Oh Eun (Poet)

◾ Oh Junghee (Novelist)

◾ Lee Soho (Poet)

◾ Lim So-yeon (Researcher of Technology Studies)

◾ Jung Jidon (Novelist)

◾ Hae Doyeon (Science Fiction Writer)

◾ Illustrators Selected for the Drawing of the Summer Program at the Seoul International Book Fair 2022

Kim Mokyo @kimmokyo

Park Sunjoo @Parksunjoo.drawing

Lee Dahuin @nonnttff

Newly Published Books 〈Sweets but Sours〉

〈Sweets but Sours〉 is a program that offers the first glimpse of books that are premiering at the book fair opening.

Books full of affection for nature and humans, books that bring together the imaginative powers of different authors, heartwarming stories that offer comfort and cheer, stories that break down the walls we’ve built around us, and stories about humans and nonhumans living side by side are waiting for you to turn the first page at Sweets but Sours. In addition, the Book to Book program gives readers a more profound look at one book through the lens of another.

At the Seoul International Book Fair 2023, be among the first to experience the 10 books that will keep your mind off the heat this summer!

Re-covered Books 〈Oldies but Newies〉

〈Oldies but Newies〉 is a program featuring books that are being re-released with a new cover and design.

Everyone remembers books in different ways, but the tactile sensation of drinking in the cover and flipping to the first page can be a particularly powerful memory. No doubt, that’s one of the reasons we fall in love with books.

Story, illustrations, typography, paper, colors, and texture are among the many elements that must pass through the hands of a designer to complete the physical object that we know as a book.

By browsing through the 10 books featured in the Oldies but Newies program and considering the tips offered by the designers who updated their designs, we hope you will refresh your understanding of what it means to get a first impression and form the initial memory of a new book.