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Limited Edition 〈The Era of Bookstores〉

SIBF Limited Edition is a special book produced with gratitude to readers who visit the Seoul International Book Fair every year.
In 2017, the Limited Edition "The Age of Bookstores" collected recommended books from 20 invited bookstores participating in the Special Exhibition "The Age of Bookstores" and compiled them into a single book.

- Participating Bookstores :The Book Society, Dong-a Bookstore, Thanks Books, Liner Note, Mooin Books, Mystery Union, Mr. Vertigo, Bookshop Bomnal, B-Platform, DEER Bookshop, Saie Book, Sajeokin Seojeom, Little Forest Bookshop, Schrödinger, Storage Book and Film, Yalla Books, Wit n Cynical, Your-Mind, IRASUN, Second-hand Bookstore in Wonderland

 Participating Bookstores

◾ The Book Society

Programs such as domestic and foreign artist talks and workshops related to film screening education, as well as art publishing activities including monographs and exhibitions by artists, translations, etc.


◾ Dong-a Bookstore

A comprehensive bookstore that has been operating for 61 years through three generations in Sokcho, Gangwon-do. It sells independent publications and local publications and is famous for its unique book category.


◾ Thanks Books

It is a curation bookstore located in front of Hongdae for seven years and aims for a friendly neighborhood bookstore. Introducing a book which its design and content goes along well.


◾ Liner Note

A book store specializing in music. The space is filled with books written by musicians, reviews of musicians, or music-themed prose and novels, as well as records of musicians.


◾ Mooin Books

The only unmanned bookstore in Seoul that operates without an owner. A space of relaxation created so that even those who don't read well can experience reading without any burden.

◾ Mystery Union

A bookstore specializing in mystery novels near Sinchon train station. As the name of the bookstore suggests, where mystery novels are gathered, where only mystery novels gather, and where mystery novels become the main characters.


◾ Mr. Vertigo

It is a bookstore specializing in literature, and has a curation of novels and writers-centered novels from all over the world, including India, the Arab, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Northern Europe. It is famous as a band with recommended phrases. It continuously runs lectures and reading sessions with writers.


◾ Bookshop Bomnal

A small bookstore that dreams of a space where you can promote the culture and art of the Tongyeong area and communicate with local residents. By continuing the "Tongyeong Book Reading City" reading campaign, they are creating a culture of recommending good books to each other and reading them together. They Operate Namhae Bomnal Publishing House. 

◾ B-Platform

B-Platform is a space that shares the art culture of books and operates bookstores, galleries, and studios together. Curation and self-published works are also sold by B-Platform, focusing on picture books, artist books, and books related to books. The space sheds light and supports young writers and publishers.

◾ DEER Bookshop

In addition to books with visual images such as picture books, art books, and graphic novels containing various perspectives and themes, it is also equipped with domestic and foreign independent publications. Finding artists with good tones and colors and expanding the realm of visual arts through exhibitions of artists.

◾ Saie Book

A travel bookstore where you can go anywhere in the world as soon as you open the door. Sharing experiences of various trips through monthly book talks and workshops. Visitors can travel to one city a month through a book recommended by the owner.

◾ Sajeokin Seojeom

This is a bookstore that curates only for one person. Get answers to questions from bookstores in advance, have a conversation at the appointed time, and choose the right book to deliver.

◾ Little Forest Bookshop

 An analog space where you can read books in nature and feel the beauty of paper books that you have forgotten. It is a home where a couple who lived in the city and returned to the village live, and a book-stay guest house where you can stay overnight in a house surrounded by books.

◾ Schrödinger

A bookshop specializing in cats. It is a bookstore that brings together how to be a good butler, petros, animal rights, photo books, literature, how to clean cat hair, how to take good pictures of cats, and books that simply feature cats on the cover. It starts as a "hide of cat lovers" and aims for a "cat content platform."

◾ Storage Book and Film

Various workshops such as drawing and calligraphy are held, as well as workshops for making books. The bookstore hosts 'Underground Market', an independent publication market. It displays books made through its own workshops.

◾ Yalla Books

Operated with Studio Yala and sells art books and various independent publications.This is a bookstore and publisher that aims to become a platform that communicates more closely with the public through exhibitions, seminars, and publications with artists in various fields of art.

◾ Wit n Cynical

Wit n Sinical, a book store specializing in poetry located in a corner of a cafe across from Sinchon train station, is also famous for being run by a poet himself. There are about 1,500 kinds of poems selected and displayed with fellow poets and readers. Regular poetry readings, reading meetings, and lectures are held.

◾ Your-Mind

Your-Mind focuses on independent publications and art books produced by small domestic publishers or individual artists, and sells imported books, records, and goods together. The publisher of the same name mainly publishes books in the fields of illustration, comics, cooking, and photography.


IRASUN is a bookstore specializing in photo books. Features a select selection from old vintage photo books, rare first editions and out-of-print books. It hosts photo-related talks with critics and writers.

◾ Second-hand Bookstore in Wonderland

A strange used bookstore that started in the basement of an alley in Eunpyeong-gu and celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. It operates reading club, movie club, LP appreciation sessions, and bookbinding workshops.