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Overseas Book Fairs

Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2022

Period 21 - 24 March, 2022
Venue BolognaFiere
Organized by BolognaFiere
Korean Collective Stand (Alphabetical order)
Bear Books Inc., DAHLDAHLBOOKS, Dalgrimm/Yellowpig, GLOYEON, Hansol Soobook, HYANG PUBLISING HOUSE, KINDERLAND/BANDAL, KIWIBOOKS/Bloomingbooks, KYOWON EDU Co., Ltd., Sakyejul Publishing Ltd., Woongjin ThinkBig Co., Ltd., YUN edition
Korean Picture Book Exhibition 78 Children’s books from 19 Korean Publishers


Since 2003, we have been participating in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair every year, introducing various Korean writers and books. Through this, many Korean writhers have been awarded a number of “Ragazzi Award” and “Illustrator of the Year” and have been steadily raising awareness of Korean children’s books.

Special Exhibition at the Korean Pavilion

▶ Friends:Reliable Companions in the Pandemic Era
Introduces 50 picture books that contain stories of friends who overcome trying times with children as reliable companions.

▶ Stop the war on Children
Introduces 20 picture books that symbolize peace to send a message against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Bologna Illustrators Exhibition & Bologna Ragazzi Award Winner from Korea

▶ Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2022
Introduces 10 Korean Illustrators’ artwork who wins in the 2022 Bologna Illustrator’s Exhibition - Choi Dani, Kim Jihyoung, Kim Kyoungshin, Kim Meehwa, Lee Soon Ok, Na Eunkyung, Na Il Sung, Oh Sena, Park Hyunmin, Suh Sunjung

▶ 2020~2022 Bologna Ragazzi Award Winner from Korea
Introduces Bologna Ragazzi Award Winner from Korea from 2020 to 2022, includes Choi Deok-Kyu’s Father’s Big Hand, Lee Suzy’s Summer





Red bean soup and tigerCho Ho-sang, Yun Co. Ltd.2004 Fiction Mention
Metro arrivingShin Dong-junChobang Seoul2004 Non Fiction Mention
Magic bottlesKo Kyung-sookJaimimage Publication Co.2006 Fiction Mention
Math in an Art MuseumMajoongmul, Kim Yoon-juYeowon Media2009 Non Fiction Mention
Temple built of stone, SeokguramKim Mi-hye, Choi Mi-ranWoongjin Think Big2010 Fiction Mention
A House of the Mind: MaumKim Hee-Kyung, Iwona ChmielewskaChangbi Publisher2011 Non Fiction Winner
The Storyes Shouldn’t Be TrueKang Gyeong-suSigongJunior2011 Non Fiction Mention
EyesIwona ChmielewskaChangbi Publisher2013 Fiction Winner
Dust KidJoung YumiCulture Platform Inc.2014 New Horizons Winner
My little doll’s houseJoung YumiCulture Platform Inc.2015 Fiction Mention
The little wallJee Kyung-aeBandal2015 Fiction Mention
A dandelion is a dandelionKim Jang-sung, Oh Hyun-gyungIyagikot2015 Non Fiction Mention
TeruteruPark YeoncheolSigongJunior2015 New Horizons Mention
Look up!Jung JinhoHyeonamsa Publishing Co., Ltd.,2015 Opera Prima mention
Teeth HuntersJo Won-heeIyagikot2017 Fiction Mention
Tree DancingBae Yoo-jeongBandal2018 New Horizons Mention
WallJung JinhoBIR Publishing2018 Braw in Art Mention
Who are youAn Hyo-limBandal2018 Opera Prima mention
The Moon over the Apple OrchardKwon Jung-saeng, Yoon Mi-sookChangbi Publisher2019 Fiction Special Mention
A shadowChae SeungyeonBandal2019 Opera Prima mention
Lullaby for GrandmotherIwona ChmielewskaBIR Publishing2020 New Horizones winner
IPARAPA YAMOOYAMOOLee Gee EunSakyejul Publishing2021 Comics-Early Reader winner
THE YULU LINENCao Wenxuan, Suzy LeeJieli Publishing House, China / Bearbooks Publishing, Korea2021 Fiction Mention
RICE RICE RICEBamcoHyang2021 Non Fiction Mention
SO MUCH SNOWHyunmin ParkDalgrimm (Yellowpig Publisher)2021 Opera Prima mention
SummerSuzy LeeBIR Publishing Co., Ltd.2022 Fiction Mention
Father’s big handsChoi Deok-KyuYUN Edition2022 Non Fiction Mention