SIBF 2024 26-30 June, 2024 l COEX Halls C&D1

Guest of Honor Pavilion

Bogotá International Book Fair(2022)


Guest of Honor Program

Theme Exhibition

Theme Exhibition <Togetherness> introduces Korean literatures and non-literatures on ‘People and People’, ‘People and nature’, and ‘Nations and other nations’.

Special Exhibition 1

The Special Exhibition <Books from Korea> introduces special anthology of Korean authors’ representative book for Bogotá International Book Fair.
Participated Authors : Lee Moon-jae, Han Kang, Eun Heekyung, Hwang Sun-mi, Jeong You Jeong, Kim Kyung-uk, Kang Hwagil, Choi Eunyoung, Jeong Young Su.

Special Exhibition 2

The Special Exhibition <Best Book Design From Republic of Korea> introduces 20 prize winning works of Best Book Design From Republic of Korea 2020 and 2021, including the Golden Letter of Best Book Design from all over the World,《Feuilles》

Special Exhibition 3

The Special Exhibition <Picture Books From Korea> introduces 135 picture books
– 100 about special theme “Voice”, 15 about Hangeul, and 20 which translated in Spanish.
The exhibition also introduces 5 Korean authors
– Baek Heena, Jung Jinho, Kim Hyoeun, Lee Suzy, Park Yeoncheol

K-Performance & Korean film Screening

- Performance : Taekwondo performance, Korean traditional performing art, K-pop cover dance, etc.
- Screening of 4 Korean short film : <Big Brother>, <Free Falling>, <Georyu:Life and Death>, <Tomorrow’s Lovers>

K-Culture Zone

Playground, Science Lab, Education Lab, K-Traditional Culture Zone
(Cooperated by Korean Publishers Association, Gwacheon National Science Museum, King Sejong Institute Foundation (King Sejong Institute of Bogota), Korean Cultural Center Mexico)

Theme Seminar & Book Talk

Korean contemporary novelists, poets, scholars and artists gather to talk about various issues raised inside and outside of Korea since COVID19.
Participated Authors & Scholars : Cho Guho, Choo Jong-youn, Chung Kwanghoon, Dulce Olivia Ferreira Santiago, Eun Heekyung, Han Kang, Heo Soojung, Jaime Abello Banfi, Jeong You Jeong, Jeong Inkyong, Jung Jinho, Jung Young Su, Kang Hojeong, Kim Baek Yung, Kim Hong Jung, Kim Hyoeun, Kim Isaac, Kim Jieun, Kim Kyung-uk, Kim Sujung, Lee Moon-jae, Lee Suzy, Park Yeoncheol, Ramiro Osorio, Sooshinji, Yang Samil, Yi Jeongmo