SIBF 2025 18-22 June, 2025 l COEX Halls A & B1


Theme Book 〈걸리버 유람기(Gulliver's Travels)〉

The Seoul International Book Fair is proud to announce the release of 『걸리버 유람기』(Gulliver’s Travels) by Jonathan Swift(1726),
rewritten by Kim Yeon-su and illustrated by Kang Hye-sook, in celebration of this year’s theme ― “Houyhnhnm.”
While this classic novel, which satirizes the 18th century British society, has long been known to Korean readers through early translations,
we aim to cast new lights on Jonathan Swift’s message as we live in era of envisioning a peaceful future.
Through the eyes of Gulliver, as he encounters imaginative beings in various destinations, we hope to seek clues leading to better future.

Originally introduced to Korean readers in 1909 through the translation of Lilliput and Brobdingnag by Yukdang Choi Nam-seon,
Gulliver’s Travels now returns including Laputa and Houyhnhnm, rewritten through the 21st century eyes, enriched with humorous illustrations.
From Gulliver’s first step of travel in England in 1699, passing through Yukdang Choi Nam-seon’s translation in 1909, to his arrival at the Seoul International Book Fair 2024,
we invite you to follow his journey in 『걸리버 유람기』(Gulliver’s Travels).

◾ Author: Kim Yeon-su

◾ Illustrator: Kang Hye-sook

◾ Original story by: Jonathan Swift

◾ Inspired by: Choi Nam-seon

Limited Edition 〈후이늠 Houyhnhnm - White Shadows Left on Blackened Paper〉

With gratitude to the readers who visit the Seoul International Book Fair, we present the special book 'Limited Edition,' curated to convey our appreciation.
At the Seoul International Book Fair 2024, we explore the world of 'Houyhnhnm' through the writings and illustrations of 7 novelists, 5 poets, and 3 illustrators.

ㅡ Where are we headed, What will lead us to a better world,
'Here and Now' that we collectively and individually create is not just a virtual construct but a tangible encounter with all senses, confronting us not with the veil of reason but with the raw essence of existence.

The fierce and delicate sentences that will reveal the catastrophe between you and me behind the farsightedness of the pixel, and catastrophize it again, will be reconstructed in us like shadows, like imprints, like traces, in joy and sorrow, in sympathy and solidarity.
Even if it means "we're just moving away, leaving behind white shadows on blackened paper". (Kim Hyesoon)

Participating Writers

◾ Kang Hwa-gil (Novelist)

◾ Gu Byeong-Mo (Novelist)
◾ Kim Hyesoon (Poet)

◾ Park Heong-joon (Poet)

◾ An Heeyeon (Poet)

◾ LEE SEUNG-U (Novelist) 

◾ Lim Sol-ah (Novelist·Poet) 

◾ Chang Kang-myoung (Novelist)

◾ Jeong Ho-seung (Poet)

◾ Jin Eun-young (Poet)

◾ Cheon Un-yeong (Novelist)

◾ Pyun Hye-young (Novelist)

Illustrators Selected for the Drawing of the Summer Program at the Seoul International Book Fair 2023 

◾ Nam Seoyeon @barengrim

◾ Jo Yunseo @haruyunseo

◾ ha-sunwooh @swh__flatimg



Newly Published Books 〈Sweets but Sours〉

〈Sweets but Sours〉 is a program that offers the first glimpse of books premiering at the Seoul International Book Fair.

From the Science-Fiction to lectures, games, classics, dance, anthologies, history, music, and columns.
These ten books span a wide range of genres and subjects, waiting for the readers of SIBF 2024.

At the Seoul International Book Fair 2024, be among the first to experience the 10 books that will keep your mind off the heat this summer!

Re-covered Books 〈Oldies but Newies〉

〈Oldies but Newies〉 is a program featuring books that are being re-released with a new cover and design.

Everyone remembers books in different ways, but the tactile sensation of drinking in the cover
and flipping to the first page can be a particularly powerful memory.
No doubt, that’s one of the reasons we fall in love with books.
Story, illustrations, typography, paper, colors, and texture are among the many elements that must pass
through the hands of a designer to complete the physical object that we know as a book.

By browsing through the 10 books featured in the Oldies but Newies program and considering the tips offered
by the designers who updated their designs,
we hope you will refresh your understanding of what it means to get a first impression and form the initial memory of a new book.