SIBF 2024 26-30 June, 2024 l COEX Halls C&D1


SIBF X Talk Program

BBDK / Klimagourmet / BookTalk on 〈Limited Edition〉

◼ 〈Best Book Design in Korea(BBDK)〉 Talk

*Best Book Design in Korea

The Seoul International Book Fair and the Germany’s Stiftung Buchkunst (German foundation for book design), aimed at promoting the development of Korean book design and introducing it to the world. At the Seoul International Book Fair 2023, the 10 books selected through the competition will be showcased in the 〈Best Book Design in Korea(BBDK)〉 exhibition. Through a meeting with the winning designers, we will reflect on the beauty of books. 

The Joy of Creating Beautiful Books

When encountering a beautiful book, one can't help but imagine the creators behind it. Through a meeting with the award-winning designers of Best Book Design in Korea 2023, we explore their respective works and engage in a conversation about the process of creating beautiful books together.

l Speaker: Kim Hyung-jin (Graphic Designer), Shin Gun-mo (Designer, Co-Chairmen of Formula), Oh Hye-jin (Designer), Jung Dae-bong (Graphic Designer)
l Moderator: Yoo Yoon-seok (Professor at Ewha Womans University)

- Date/Time: June 14 (Wed) 14:30–16:00
- Location: Readers Hall 1

◼ Talk on 〈Klimagourmet〉

The 〈Klimagourmet〉 exhibition proposes a healthy diet for everyone living on the planet.

It introduces brands that replace food that is difficult to obtain in nature due to climate change, soil, and ocean pollution, and find ways to coexist with other life forms on Earth.

In the Book Talk associated with theKlimagourmet〉 exhibition, we will hear vivid stories of brands that discover the diversity and joy of dietary life for the planet and ourselves.

From Nature to Table

We tend to think that we can always benefit from the land and sea indefinitely. However, what we have obtained from nature may no longer be purely natural due to human greed. What have we taken from them? Through the stories of those who strive to make our soil and oceans stronger and our dinner table safer, let's find small actions we can take today.

l Speaker: Kim Tae-yoon (Chef, Co-CEO of our planeat), Won Seung-hyun (CEO of TOMARROW tomarrow Tomarrow), Lee Geun-i (Farmer at Farm Woobo)
l Moderator: Jang Min-young(Co-CEO of our planeat)

- Date/Time: June 18 (Sun) 11:00–12:30
- Location: Readers Hall 1

◼ BookTalk on Limited Edition〉

Limited Edition〉 is a special limited-edition project book that brings together the writings of various authors on a special theme to commemorate the Seoul International Book Fair each year. At the Seoul International Book Fair 2023, you can meet stories from fifteen authors on the theme of "비인간, 인간을 넘어 인간으로 NONHUMAN." In this Booktalk session, through three poets and three novelists who have transformed into a special storybook with the nature, we will share the stories.

NONHUMAN Book Talk: Poets

Introducing a collection of works from the Limited Edition 2023, which encompasses the insights of poets on the concept of

l Speaker: Seo Yun-hoo (Poet), Oh Eun (Poet), Lee So-ho(Poet)
l Moderator: Yoo Sang-hun(Editor)

- Date/Time: June 16 (Fri) 17:00–18:30
- Location: Readers Hall 2

NONHUMAN Book Talk: Novelists

Meeting the Keyword

l Speaker: Kim Keum-hee (Novelist), Kim Mel-la (Novelist), Jung Ji-don (Novelist)
l Moderator: Park Hye-jin (Literary Critic)

- Date/Time: June 18 (Sun) 12:00–13:30
- Location: Book Salon