SIBF 2024 26-30 June, 2024 l COEX Halls C&D1


GoH/Spotlight Country

The Guest of Honor – Sharjah / Spotlight Country

GoH Sharjah

The Guest of Honor country for the Seoul International Book Fair 2023 is Sharjah,

one of the seven 'emirates' of the United Arab Emirates, as the esteemed guest of honor country for the 2023 event.

While Sharjah may be relatively unfamiliar to us, through the Seoul International Book Fair,

we have the opportunity to explore the Arab culture represented by Sharjah and discuss the cultural similarities between Korea and Sharjah.


Converting Emirati and Korean Folk Poetry into Written Anthologies

Written anthologies immortalize folk poetry and keep it for future generations to enjoy. In this symposium, we will trace back how the Emirati and Korean folk poems were collected and converted into written anthologies. We will also showcase the most prominent initiatives to collect and preserve poetry, as well as the manuscripts of well-known poets from both the UAE and Korea.

l Speaker: Sultan Al Ameemi (Writer)
l Moderator: Yun Eun-kyeong (Professor)

- Date/Time: June 14 (Wed) 16:30–18:00
- Location: Readers Hall 1

Emirates and Korea Literary Salons and Their Societal Significance

Literary salons and cultural gatherings are both part of writers and intellectuals' lifestyles. How widespread is this phenomenon in the UAE and Korea, and what distinguishes these salons in each of the two countries? What are its social dimensions?

l Speaker: Aisha Sultan (Writer), Kim Seung-hui (Poet)
l Moderator: Baek Hye-won (Ph.D. in Literature, translator)

- Date/Time: June 15 (Thu) 14:00–15:30
- Location: Readers Hall 1

Spotlighting Contemporary Women Writers from the Arab World

This session sheds light on the creative writing of Arab women who are able to affirm the strength of their creativity and their active and influential human presence.

l Speaker: Shaikha Al Jaberi (Poet, Writer), Lee Eun-ji (Literary critic)
l Moderator: Kim Jeong-a (Researcher)

- Date/Time: June 16 (Fri) 11:30–13:00
- Location: Readers Hall 1

Characteristics of Emirati and Korean Narrative Techniques

The story and novel employ dissimilar narrative techniques, whether to depict reality or delve into the realm of imagination. In this symposium, we will focus on the Emirates and Korea's narrative techniques and their distinctive characteristics. We will also discuss the nature, diversity, and uniqueness of narration from one writer to another and from one literary age to the next.

l Speaker: Dr. Badia Al-Hashemi (Professor, Writer), Jay Hong (Ph.D., writer)

- Date/Time: June 16 (Fri) 16:30–18:00
- Location: Readers Hall 1

The Human Aspects in Emirati and Korean Literature (Selected Masterpieces)

This specialized symposium will go over the human aspects in Emirati and Korean literature from the past to the present, displaying some of the best-known masterpieces.

l Speaker: Dr. Zainab Al-Yassi (Writer, Critic of Arabic and Cultural Literature), Roh Tae-hoon (Literary Critic)
l Moderator: Baek Hye-won (Ph.D. in Literature, translator)

- Date/Time: June 17 (Sat) 11:00–12:30
- Location: Readers Hall 1

Spotlight Country Canada

Novelist Yann Martel will be attending the Seoul International Book Fair in celebration of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Canada.

Yann Martel, known for his unique imagination in portraying the depths of human inner life, and Korean novelist Kim Jung-hyuk will share their thoughts on "what it means to be human."

What Does It Mean to Be Human?

Throughout his work, Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi, has pondered the question of what it means to be human. What defines us as human beings? Martel has repeatedly attempted to peer inside the human psyche. Visitors will have a chance to hear his perspective on life and his thoughts about what it means to be human.

l Speaker: Yann Martel (Novelist)
l Moderator: Jeong Yeo-ul (Writer)

- Date/Time: June 14 (Wed) 17:00–18:00
- Location: Book Salon

A Conversation Between Yann Martel and Kim Jung-hyuk

Yann Martel and Kim Jung-hyuk are both novelists who craft fantastic stories through their special powers of imagination. How could the characters they create be described? While they may seem peculiar, readers often end up discovering something about themselves in those characters. Martel and Kim will read passages from each other’s books Life of Pi and The Library of Musical Instruments and then continue with a conversation.

l Speaker: Yann Martel (Novelist), Kim Jung-hyuk (Novelist)
l Moderator: Oh Eun-gyo (Literary critic)

- Date/Time: June 15 (Thu) 12:00–13:30
- Location: Book Salon