SIBF 2024 26-30 June, 2024 l COEX Halls C&D1


Writers Program

Arrival of a New Gender Sensitivity

Arrival of a New Gender Sensitivity ― Queer Edition

A portrait of minority which new generation draws. There is always minority in Korean literature. How has the appearance of minorities drawn by the new generation changed from then? We would like to take a look at the queer features in Korean novels and imagine the next generation after this time.

ㅣSpeakers: Kim Bong-gon (Novelist), Park Sang-yeong (Novelist)

- Date/Time: June 22 (Sat) 15:00–16:30
- Location: Event Hall2

Arrival of a New Gender Sensitivity ― Poet Edition

There are no identical individuals in the world. SIBF moves beyond the learned or fixed gender roles of 'male' or 'female' and read poetry as our unique gender, 'me.' Speakers discuss how each poet's unique gender is reflected in their poetry.

ㅣSpeakers: Ahn Hee-yeon (Poet), Yu Jin-mok (Poet), Im Sol-a (Poet)
ㅣModerator: Kang Ji-hee (Literary Critic)

- Date/Time: June 22 (Sat) 17:00–18:30
- Location: Event Hall3