SIBF 2024 26-30 June, 2024 l COEX Halls C&D1


Event Program

Reading Clinic

How can I choose a book that fits me amongst the countless books in the world? At the reading clinic, you will be able to have a consultation on your interest and orries with the author. Then, you will be prescribed with the book recommended just for you.

〈Poem Bookstore〉
▶ Participants: Park Jun (Poet), Kim Min-jeong (Poet), Oh Eun (Poet)

〈Writing Bookstore〉
▶ Participants: Seo Min (Ph.D. in Parasitology), Eun Yu (Writer), Baek Seung-kwon (Senior Presidential Secretary for Public Relations of the Participatory Government)

〈Art Bookstore〉
▶ Participants: Choi Eun-kyu (Violinist), Yu Oon-sung (Film Critic), Kim Han-min (Writer)

〈Science Bookstore〉
▶ Participants: Lee Myeong-hyun (Ph. D in Astronomy), Kim Sang-wook (Physicist), Lee Jung-mo (Director of the Gwacheon National Science Museum)

〈Private Bookstore〉
▶ Participants: Dodaeche (Writer), Jung Sae-rang (Novelist), Kim Ha-na (Writer)

〈On-site Clinic〉
▶ Participant: Jeong Ji-hye (Sajoekin Bookshop)