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Guest of Honor Pavilion

To promote Korea’s publishing culture to the world, the SIBF strives to get Korea invited as a guest of honor at international book fairs.
Such programs not only feature publishing and copyright exchanges but also demonstrate a nation's economic, political, diplomatic, and cultural competence.
Publishers that produce books, writers who create content, artists, scholars, and cultural and diplomatic institutions all work together
to promote Korea’s books and culture and arts. During this process, Korea and a book fair's host country conduct material and immaterial exchanges,
sharing ideas as well as sentiments.

Moscow International Book Fair (2020)

Theme Future-ing
Period 2 - 6 September, 2020
Venue Online
Sponsor Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea
Cooperation Literature Translation Institute of Korea, Korean Cultural Center Russia, Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange=

Moscow International Book Fair(2020)


MIBF 2020


As the guest of honor at the Moscow International Book Fair 2020, Korea proposes “Future-ing” for the main theme. As civilization evolves in the 21st century, the future hits us with a sense of materiality
and reality that seems inexplicable, for it comes from a time that hasn’t yet arrived. The future is already here in some places—progressing, discreetly entangled with the present—presenting itself in different forms amid premonitions
and images of revelation or apocalypse. We are witnessing today the “affect,” or embodiment, of the future, as the force with which it hauls the present forward is equal to that of the history that defines the current moment.

​The future society of the 21st century has already permeated our reality in the form of a techno-utopia. The remarkable advancement of science and technology is bringing about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, led by artificial intelligence. Twentieth-century cities are transforming into smart cities, as the Internet of Things, augmented reality, and the digital universe infiltrate deep into the physical world, transforming the structure of daily experiences. As it translates biological traces into algorithms, data is evolving to create a new kind of capitalism—one built on technologies that can predict human judgment and behavior.
​At the same time, climate change and related ecological problems forecast macroscopic shifts in Earth’s ecosystem summarized as the Anthropocene ,
alerting us to the need to recalibrate the future from a completely different perspective. One of the major challenges in the future will be to construct a new “socio-politico-literary life” that can address points of contention such as economic and gender inequality, while versatile and imaginative approaches will be required to resolve these issues. How will humanity deal with an imminent and unprecedented future in which it will face post-humanistic transitions and post-truth phenomena?
This year’s book fair will be a valuable opportunity to explore how Korean intellectuals envision the imminent future, to question and reflect on how Korean literature is tackling these topics, and to find out what conversations Korea and Russia can hold on these issues.

Trailer of GOH Korea

[Keynote Speech] Korea-Russia Cultural Exchange-Its Past, Present, and Future

[Social Science Lecture] Korea and the Post-COVID-19 Era Seen through the Film Parasite

[Humanities Lecture] Korean Narratives Containing the Apocalyptic Imagination

Authors of Korean Picture Books and Books for Children and Youth

- Speaker: Kim Hyejung