SIBF 2024 26-30 June, 2024 l COEX Halls C&D1


Rights Seminar

Rights Seminar

All media content begins with a story.

A single story can span a wide range of media, including not only books but games, online comics, online fiction, TV shows, and films.

This program will examine the major issues that arise in intellectual property transactions and contracts,

and will consider how narrative-based exports of intellectual property may change going forward.

We will also hear from experts in Korean and international copyright law about how companies handle translation, a key element in moving into overseas markets.

Foundations of Copyright Law and Practical Contracting for Successful Publishing Agreements

l Speaker: Park Ae-ran (Attorney at the Korea Copyright Commission), Jeon Hyun-soo (Attorney at the Korea Copyright Commission)

- Date/Time: June 14 (Wed) 11:00–12:30
- Location: Readers Hall 3

※ This lecture is intended for Korean publishers and copyright professionals.

The Beauty of Translation That Maximizes the Potential of Language and Feeling

How carefully do translators handle cross-cultural emotional and linguistic differences? Join us to hear how those differences can result in the reduction or alteration of texts from the perspective of an English-speaking translator, a Dutch-speaking editor, and an Azerbaijani-speaking copyright expert.

l Speaker: Anton Hur (Translator), Rena Suleymanova (Azerbaijan/rights manager for Strauss Publishing House), Nathalie Doruijter (Netherlands/Publisher of Singel Uitgeverijen)
l Moderator: Lee Hong (Novelist)

- Date/Time: June 14 (Wed) 11:00–12:30
- Location: Readers Hall 1

UAE Publishers’ Conference: Growth and Innovation in the Dynamic Arab Publishing Market

Did you know that Arabic is spoken differently in each country of the Arab world? This conference will take a deep dive into the Arabic publishing world, which may be unfamiliar to many visitors. Participants will learn about the diversity of Arab culture and the Arabic language, along with the status of importing and exporting publishing rights in the Arab market.

l Speaker: Dr. Abdullah Al Kaabi (Founder of Al-Ramsa Institute, and EPA board member), Ameera Bu Kidra (Co-Founder of Ghaf Publishing), Rashid Alrahmani (Founder of Action Comics)
l Moderator: Alarnoud Ali (Project Manager of UAE Publishers Association)

- Date/Time: June 15 (Thu) 11:30–13:00
- Location: Readers Hall 1

Rights Talk: Insiders in Overseas Publishing Discuss the Status of the Publishing Market in Various Regions

What criteria do overseas publishers use when selecting which books to acquire publishing rights for? Rights Professionals from Greece, the United Kingdom, Mozambique, Southeast Asia, and Latin America come together to discuss the current state of publishing in their respective countries, the process behind copyright transactions, and their experience with translating, importing, and exporting works of literature.

l Speaker: Sandra Tamele (Mozambique/CEO of Editora Trinta Zero Nove), Farrah Izzlorna Binti Asri (Malaysia/editor-in-chief of Patriots Publishing), Ricardo Sánchez-Riancho (Mexico/CEO of Textofilia Ediciones), Bethany Wood (UK/rights manager for Penguin Random House UK), Ioannis Kranias (Greece/vice president of the Hellenic Federation of Publishers and Booksellers)
l Moderator: Choi Ji-ae (Novelist, Cultural Contents Planner)

- Date/Time: June 15 (Thu) 16:30–18:30
- Location: Readers Hall 1

The Discovery and Reproduction of Original Intellectual Property

The “watch list” on streaming platforms adds excitement to our routines. As streaming services introduce dozens of shows each month, they gain or lose audiences, highlighting the importance of original media content to streaming platforms, film studios, and video producers. We will hear from experts in various fields about how original intellectual property is discovered and reproduced.

l Speaker: Kim Hyeong-rae (PR director of Busan International Film Festival, former director of the Asian Contents & Film Market at the Busan International Film Festival), Caitlin Mahony (US/copyright agent for William Morris Endeavor), Hong Kyung-soo (Professor of Ajou University of Culture and Contents)
l Moderator: Lee Sang-gil (Professor of Yonsei University Graduate School of Communication & Arts)

- Date/Time: June 16 (Fri) 14:00–15:30
- Location: Readers Hall 1