SIBF 2024 26-30 June, 2024 l COEX Halls C&D1


Digital Book Seminar

Digital Publishing Seminar

Searching for Ways of Win-Win Cooperation between Publishers and Libraries for the Future of E-book Ecology

Focusing on recent issues surrounding e-book supplies and library service policies, participants will discuss on the roles of publishers and libraries to activate the e-book industry and enhance its sustainability, as well as tasks of mutual coexistence.

ㅣSpeakers: Han Ju-lie (Professor of Seoil University, Dept. of Media Publishing), Maurits van den Boogert (Publishing Director for Middle East, Islam, and African Studies at Royal Brill Publishers), Lee Yong-hee (Researcher at Policy Research Center of Korean Publishers Association), Sin Nam-hui (President of Gusan-dong Village Library)
ㅣ Moderator: Lee Yeon-jeong (Guest Researcher at Korean Publishers Association)

- Date/Time: June 20 (Tur) 10:00–12:00
- Location: Event Hall2

(Publishers Should Know) Arrival of New E-Publishing Business

At the heart of change, electronic publishing is prone to transform into various forms through the combination of new technologies and innovative planning. Examples of this transformation may include changes in business models, such as subscription services, the rise of audiobooks, the breakdown of boundaries between media industries, and the publishing of content remixes. In such a situation, publishers need to be more flexible in their perspective on content rather than being solely focused on traditional print book publishing. In an age overflowing with reading and viewing options, SIBF helps publishers seek to explore new avenues by examining various timely examples, aiming to discover a fresh direction for the future.

ㅣSpeakers: Kim Mi-hyang (Cheif Editor of Planning Meeting), Lee Yeon-dae (CEO of Book Journalism), Cheon Ho-yeong (Director of Digital Business Division at Communication Books)
ㅣModerator: Lee Keun-mi (Chairman of the Electronic Publishing Committee of Korean Publishers Society, CEO of Eda Books)
ㅣCo-operator: Korean Publishers Society, Korean Publishers Association

- Date/Time: June 20 (Tur) 13:00–15:00
- Location: Event Hall2

Netflix's Raid, Challenged the Fixed Book Price System

As a pioneer in the global subscription economy, the monthly flat-rate movie streaming service Netflix attracted 2.4 million Korean visitors as of February 2019. In the case of e-books, Milli's Library leads the subscription economy in Korea. Can the subscription economy, which allows unlimited content consumption at a low cost, coexist with the fixed book price system aimed at protecting small bookstores and small publishers? In the era of the subscription economy, we aim to explore alternatives for ensuring the sustainability of the publishing industry.

ㅣSpeakers: Lee Joong-ho (Representative of Korean Publishing Contents), Ji Young-kyun (Deputy head of department at Kyobo Book Centre), Kim Gi-tae (Chairman of Korea Electronic Publishing Association), Kang Ill-yong (Reporter at Aju news)
ㅣDiscussant: Jung Woo-young (National Museum of Korean Literature, Poet), Choi Seung-hoon (Policy member of the Culture and Industry Policy Council)
ㅣModerator: Jung Won-ohk (Senior Researcher at Policy Research Institute of Korean Publishers Association)

- Date/Time: June 20 (Tur) 16:30–18:30
- Location: Event Hall1

How Can We Create Audio Contents that Are as Interesting as Netflix?

Quality of the content is a decisive factor for success in the audio-book market. SIBF looks into the various attempts audio-book enterprises are making in order to secure its competitiveness and explores future potentials of the industry.

ㅣSpeakers: Lee Hwa-jin (Manager of Audio-book Planning Team, Influential Welaaa), Helena Gustafsson (Head of Global Publishing Storytel)
ㅣModerator: Kim Jung-myung (Professor of Shingu College, Dept. of Media Contents)

- Date/Time: June 20 (Tur) 17:00–18:30
- Location: Event Hall2