SIBF 2024 26-30 June, 2024 l COEX Halls C&D1


Theme Lecture

Seoul International Book Fair 2019 Theme Lecture 〈Arrival〉

Things that Forever Newly Arrive

What is the value of paper books and literature? Could they perhaps be forever new? The very objects that newly appear before us, and therefore become the most fundamental for us?

ㅣSpeaker: Han Kang (Writer)
ㅣModerator: Kang Ji-hee (Literary Critic)

- Date/Time: June 19 (Wed) 14:00–15:30
- Location: Book Salon

Refugees, the Arrival of a New Neighbor

In May 2018, 500 Yemenite refugees arrived on Jeju Island, escaping from their civil war. This triggered a heated debate in Korean society. At the center of this controversy stood Jung Woo-sung, actor, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, and the author of a memoir on his activities, which will be presented at SIBF 2019. Through a vivid retelling of his experience with the refugees, this lecture offers a moment to think about the appearance of a new neighbor in our society.

ㅣSpeaker: Jung Woo-sung (Actor, Goodwill Ambassador of UNHCR)
ㅣModerator: Han Seok-joon (Anchor)
ㅣMusic: Horan (Singer)
ㅣCongratulatory Speech: Frank Remus (Representative of UNHCR Korea's Office)

- Date/Time: June 20 (Tur) 14:00–15:30
- Location: Book Salon

The Appearance of Scientific Culture

We live in an era of science. That goes without saying. Scientific technology has transformed human civilization over the past few hundred years and is causing drastic changes even at this very moment. Yet, are our thoughts and behaviors keeping up with these transformations? It’s often said that we have scientific technology, but no scientific culture. What is scientific culture? How should we view and accept the future that science is showing us?

ㅣSpeaker: Kim Sang-wook (Physicist)
ㅣModerator: Kim Kyeo-wool (Book-tuber, Writer)

- Date/Time : June 21 (Fri) 14:00–15:30
- Location: Book Salon

Having Lived a Hundred Years

The era of “100-year life span” has arrived. During our lifetime, we come across countless new “arrival”. We accustom ourselves to them, we maintain them, and we discard them. We could call this a condition of life. Let us take a moment to seek wisdom from a man who has lived a hundred years.

ㅣSpeaker: Kim Hyung-seok (Honorary Professor of Yonsei University)
ㅣModerator: Ryu Hyun-ah (Cheif Editor at Denstory)

- Date/Time: June 22 (Sat) 14:00–15:30
- Location: Book Salon

We Cook, therefore, we are Humans

For a long time, human culinary remained unrecorded as written documents. Humans did not think it was worth documenting what they were eating or what they were feeling when eating the food, not to speak of how they were cooking it. Today, we take photos and videos of our every meal and share it with the world. What is going on?

ㅣSpeaker: Lee Wook-jung (Representative of KBS Food Odyssey)

- Date/Time: June 23 (Sun) 14:00–15:30
- Location: Book Salon