SIBF 2024 26-30 June, 2024 l COEX Halls C&D1


Event Program

Create Your Own Audio Book

Create Your Own Audio Book

One of the oldest means of connecting content and people is oral tradition.

Knowledge passed from voice to voice took the form of writing, and it was only about 600 years ago that it manifested in the shape of printed books. However, with the advancement of digital technology, we are once again paying attention to 'sound.' Reading not with our eyes but with our senses, hearing not with our ears but with our emotions. At the Seoul International Book Fair 2018, create the books you want to read and hear, with your favorite authors and your own voice.

Nam Gung-in (Doctor, Writer), Jung Moon-jeong (Writer), Yozoh (Musician, Writer), Jang Gang-myeong (Writer), Lim Gyeong-seon (Writer), Kim Min-seop (Writer)