SIBF 2024 26-30 June, 2024 l COEX Halls C&D1


Event Program

Playlist 〈SIBF ▶ My Own Summer〉

My Own Summer

The playlist is composed of songs that evoke the feeling of a day at the beach, the excitement of departing, the sparkle of the daytime, the beauty of the sunset, and the tranquility of the night. In a space with a cathode-ray tube, immerse yourself in the emotionally rich visuals as you listen to Lemon's playlist through a retro player. Experience a moment of relaxation alongside books in this refreshing and soothing ambiance, reminiscent of the beach with its cool colors.

〈enjoy perfect Lemon recipes vol.2〉

01 Moonchi Park_네 손을 잡고 싶어 (Feat. Kang onewoo Of IlloYlo)
02 Yerin Baek_0415
03 Tuesday Beach Club_LOBSTER KING
04 Otis Lim_우리집 강아지 귀여워
05 Garzón Robie_dat girl
06 Gila_Ready to fall
07 Kim Sawol_드라이브
08 Q the trumpet_KEY BOARD
09 Kangziwon_Have You Ever
10 Lovet_고요의 바다

Lemon transcends eras by collecting design-worthy and intriguing retro gadgets. They place great importance on the power of spaces and the experiences felt within them, operating Lemon Seoul Showroom in a place where all four seasons are vividly experienced. Showcasing their beloved record players and gadgets, Lemon curates exhibitions in their distinctive style.