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About SIBF

Korean Publishers Association(KPA)

Established in 1947, the Korean Publishers Association
is Korea’s oldest and largest private-sector organization and
covers all facets of the publishing industry.

The KPA seeks to develop the publishing industry and aid it in contributing to society, collaborating with authors, and building a new reading culture.

It is active in the various sectors of education, research, policy development, festivals, copyright exchange, and more to pursue its tasks of advancing the publishing industry and defending the freedom to publish. Publishing and the freedom to publish are the cradle of democracy and books are the foundation of civilization.

By identifying various ways to distribute books, the KPA endeavors to ensure that no one falls through the cracks in society. Drawing upon the strength and purpose of its approximately 700 full member companies and 2,000 associate member companies, the KPA is always exploring new potential in publishing to respond to the rapidly changing media environment as well as climate change.

Seoul International Book Fair(SIBF)

Launched in 1954,
the Seoul International Book Fair has been
Korea’s biggest book festival for nearly 70 years.

This delightful event connects those who make books with those who read them, bringing together publishers, writers, scholars, artists, editors, and readers with the purpose of sharing knowledge and information.

In 1995, the SIBF was upgraded from a national to an international book fair. Since then, it has expanded into the fields of cultural diplomacy and trade, promoting Korean books in other countries and promoting other countries’ books in Korea. As Korea continues to see cultural, artistic, and academic growth, the SIBF has become established as one of the world’s leading book fairs and one of the best-known book fairs in Asia.

The SIBF also organizes Korean Pavilion and “Guest of Honor” events at international book fairs such as Taipei International Book Exhibition and FILBo(́International Book Fair of Bogota). It promotes exchange by bringing the world to Seoul and introducing Korean books and culture to the world.


Books will always have a place in human life.

Books stacked in bookcases and placed on top of desks are part of everyday life.

Books stacked in bookcases and placed on top of desks are part of everyday life. The SIBF’s corporate identity, which combines images of people pulling out books from a bookcase and reading them at a desk, illustrates life with books.

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About SIBF 2024

Dates Wed. 26 - Sun. 30 June
Operation Hours

Wed. 26 - Sat. 29 June 10:00 - 19:00

Sun. 30 June 10:00 - 17:00

* [Last entry] 30 minutes before the closing time

Venue Coex Halls C&D1 (513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu)
Theme 후이늠 Houyhnhnm
Guest of Honor(GOH) Saudi Arabia
Spotlight Country Norway, Oman
Host Korean Publishers Association (KPA)
Organizer Seoul International Book Fair

Korean Publishing Foundation

후이늠 Houyhnhnm

Perverse, stolid, ignorant, capricious, lecherous, arrogant, obstinate, rude, cowardly, dastardly, vulgar, brutal, arrogant, servile, ugly, and sly ― these words describe the dark aspects of humanity. These dark aspects provoke greed to consume more and desire beyond their needs and divide sides by their interests. Invasions, pillages, and wars are the most miserable results of this darkness. On Gulliver’s journey, he encounters a species that has none of these aspects: the “Houyhnhnm”. If we were to build a rational, reasonable, and perfect world of Houyhnhnm, would it bring an end to war? Could competent artificial intelligence be our future Houyhnhnm? If the world of Houyhnhnm is not the solution, what kind of future should we envision?

We wish to live in a world full of words such as consideration, sensitivity, wisdom, trust, love, flexibility, courtesy, courage, dignity, honor, sympathy, humility, beauty, and honesty. The Seoul International Book Fair (SIBF) 2024 embarks on a journey to chart a course towards the world we imagine. Alongside readers, on board are Gulliver, who has been searching for the path for the past 300 years, and Jae-dol, who is striving to obtain legal rights equal to humans. Mickey Mouse, which has escaped the shackles of copyrights after 95 years was also invited to join, but still in the shadow of trademark rights, it accompanies us secretly. We sincerely hope that readers and all who remain in the shadows will seek ways to find future happiness and alleviate the misery of the world, as we journey the world of Houyhnhnm.