1. How can I apply as an exhibitor for the book fair?
– The deadline for participation in the International Pavilion is February 16.
– You can participate in the National Pavilion by applying online at the SIBF official website(https://sibf.or.kr). To do this you must first register and log in to the website
2. How do I request usage of electricity, internet, phone, and other facilities?
– Exhibitors who wish to have access to facilities including electricity, internet (LAN), compressed air, and water supply and drainage, should contact sibf@coex.co.kr (COEX) or info@kpa21.or.kr (SIBF International Pavilion) for required forms.
3. After registration, how are the booths assigned?
– Booths in the International Pavilions are assigned according to the regulations of the SIBF Organizing Committee.