2020 Seoul International Book Fair

Seoul International Book Fair 2020

XYZ: Entanglement

As Korea’s largest book festival connecting books to books, people to books, and people to people, the Seoul International Book Fair (SIBF) 2020 welcomes you under the theme of XYZ: Entanglement. Countering calamitous visions triggered by global environmental crises, fear of infectious diseases, and escalating social conflict and antagonism, the SIBF will take the opportunity to explore the aesthetics of entanglement and ethics of coexistence

The SIBF is a festival of inclusion where all participants mix and mingle. Erstwhile differences and divisions are discarded as discrimination and exclusion lose their sway. There is only “us” freely celebrating, conversing, and sharing warm feelings upon a common ground of passionate literary interest. This year, the SIBF aims to hold a thoroughly meaningful festival worthy of its name. The SIBF seeks out techniques of coexistence that eliminate the hierarchies and inequalities between people, as well as those between humans and non-humans.

The SIBF will gather writers, readers, editors, and publishers of all ages to discuss and contemplate shared topics and pressing issues. Undoing divisions of Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z, and Millennials, the SIBF will reaffirm our inevitably entangled existence along the way. Our discussions spring from issues common to all generations as members of society and beings of this world.

More than any other time in the past, our society now finds itself in the midst of fierce gender conflict. Gender relations requiring a foundation of mutual respect and consideration are given to hatred and antagonism instead. How can we ensure the equal, harmonious coexistence of women (XX), men (XY), and the other sex? The SIBF invites writers and intellectuals from home and abroad to discuss and empathize with feminist and queer issues that have garnered much attention of late.

The future of books—long since speculated to be reaching its end (XYZ)—is another key theme illuminated anew at the SIBF 2020. The end may be nigh for printed books, but ebooks and audiobooks herald promises of a new beginning for publishing media. Various digital platforms and mobile media are emerging as alternatives to traditional print media. The SIBF gathers specialists to consider the new forms books will take as they survive and evolve in this age of vast media convergence.

Another theme presented for serious discussion at the SIBF revolves around environmental issues. Reflecting on fine dust, microplastics, and other human-induced threats behind the climate change and ecological crises of our Anthropocene Age, we dream of a newly harmonious coexistence of humans and non-humans—animals, things, technology, nature, and more—entangled in a shared web of destiny.

This year’s SIBF also shines a special spotlight on the crime genre. Crime fiction unravels the inextricably entwined relationships among different cases, revealing keen insight into the abyssal depths of human existence as well as the myriad contradictions of society. The SIBF embarks on a bountiful exploration of this globally lauded genre through a crime-themed exhibition, author talks and a “City Investigation” organized with the Quais du Polar, the annual festival of crime fiction in Lyon.

There is much more in store at SIBF—an array of exhibitions, events, and programs are ready to engage your five senses and pique your curiosity. We invite you with confidence to the SIBF 2020, a festival set apart from previous years with exciting new ventures and poignantly urgent meaning.
  • Dates : June 24 (Wednesday) – June 28 (Sunday) 2020, 5 days
  • Venue : COEX A & B Halls
  • Organizer : Korean Publishers Association
  • Hosts : Korean Publishers Association, COEX
  • Sponsors : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea