Past Fairs

  • October 1947
    Educational Exhibition
  • December 1954
    2nd Book Fair
  • October 1983
    26th Book Fair
  • October 1991
    34th Book Fair
  • July 1993
    35th Book Fair
  • May 1995
    38th Book Fair
    promoted to an international book fair by the International Publishers Association (IPA)

About SIBF

The Seoul International Book Fair began as a national book fair in 1954 and rose to the international level in 1995. With the goals of globalizing Korean publishing, strengthening the competitiveness of the publishing industry, establishing a reading atmosphere in Korean society, and expanding cultural opportunities for Koreans, SIBF is establishing itself as one of the major book fairs of the world.


  • Creating a new publishing culture for a culture-oriented era
  • Strengthening the Korean publishing industry’s competitiveness in the world Expanding the national knowledge base by promoting a culture of reading
  • Vitalizing publishing and reading information exchange
  • Raising awareness of publishing culture in the general public
  • Increasing exports of Korean publication rights and strengthening global marketing
Year Title Slogan View
June 2018 SIBF 2018 (24th) New Definition
Guest of Honor: Czech Republic
June 2017 SIBF 2017 (23rd) Meta-morphosis
Guest of Honor: Turkey
June 2016 SIBF 2016 (22nd) Let’s Get to Know Each Other Through Books and Design the Future
Guest of Honor: France
October 2015 SIBF 2015 (21st) Publishing Industry: Reading about 70 Years Since Liberation and Writing about the Next 100 Years
Guest of Honor: Italy
June 2014 SIBF 2014 (20th) Encountering the World Through Books, Dreaming of the World Through Books
Guest of Honor: Oman
June 2013 SIBF 2013 (19th) Books, People, and the Future
Guest of Honor: India
June 2012 SIBF 2012 (18th) Open Books, See the Future
Guest of Honor: Saudi Arabia
May 2011 SIBF 2011 (17th) Books: A Thousand Eyes that Look into the Future
May 2010 SIBF 2010 (16th) Books through the Future, the Future through Books
Guest of Honor: France
May 2009 SIBF 2009 (15th) Expansion of Books, Imagination of Books. Start from the Books, Again.
Guest of Honor: Japan
May 2008 SIBF 2008 (14th) The Path of Books, the Path of Coexistence!
Guest of Honor: China